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Author Bio

Win Your Readers’ Hearts With Your Author Bio

Humans love stories. Readers and journalists are humans so they love to hear the stories behind the books. They also want to be inspired by you, as an author, and your journey. That’s why your author bio has to be more than a chronological list of life events. It actually needs be as captivating and entertaining as an award-winning flash-fiction contest entry. That’s the only way it will capture the readers’ hearts and pick the journalists’ interest.


Written properly, your author bio is a powerful marketing tool that you can use in multiple places such as your author website, social media profiles, press releases, query letters to literary agents.


My team and I will write an SEO optimized professional author bio that will help you build a solid connection with your readers and will make journalists book interview you and book you on their shows.



Long version of an SEO optimized, professionally written author bio (up to 500 words)

Short version of an SEO optimized, professionally written author bio (up to 100 words)

One revision per version

How does it work?

After you place your order, you’ll receive an email with a link to our submission form. All you need to provide is your resume as well as answer all the questions in the form.


This information will allow us to write a professional author bio that will benefit your writing career and help you bond with readers and journalists. In the unlikely situation where we will need more details or clarification to complete our task, we’ll reach out to you after reading your answers.

Turnaround time is 10 business days

2-business days expedite delivery available for an extra $99

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