Become a better writer, stay healthy, and thrive as a professional author


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You’ve been putting words on paper relentlessly until you experienced burnout. Or maybe you want to be an author, but writer’s block makes you stare, helpless, at a blank page. In both scenarios, stress robs you of your innate creativity and the joy of pursuing your passion.


This four-week online group-coaching program will help you thrive as an author and enjoy the process of writing. It will empower you to become a better writer and give you the tools to stay healthy and always be connected to your muse. You learn how to beat writer’s block, increase your productivity and creativity, enjoy the process of writing, and keep your body and mind healthy.


What’s included?

Four video training sessions (weekly)

Two live Q & A sessions

Weekly challenges and feedback

Weekly tips& tricks from successful authors

List of mindfulness resources

Exclusive access to the dedicated private Facebook group for the duration of the training and another EXTRA 30 days!

Join today for a one-time payment of only $59.

We’re here to help. Let’s get to know each other first.

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